Travel information


Symposium will be hosted at most extraordinary district of Novosibirsk located in about 30 km to the south of the city center on the shore of an artificial “Ob’ Sea”. Officially, it is called the Novosibirsk Scientific Center, but people call it simply Academy Town (Akademgorodok). Akademgorodok began its history in 1958 and now it is a world-renowned scientific center. Its core constitutes by buildings of Novosibirsk State University and scientific research institutes of the Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Sciences.
Akademgorodok is an isolated district of Novosibirsk located in a natural forest in the outskirts of the city. Scientific sessions will be organized in the conference hall of the Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics and in Novosibirsk State University.

Buses departing every half an hour (100 min, 2 Euro) provide travel from Tolmachevo Airport (Tolmachevo-Novosibirsk city) and there are city buses (Novosibirsk city-Akademgorodok).  Direct taxi from the Airport (50km) is the fastest way (45 min, about 30 Euro). A special minibus will also be organized from the Institute to meet participants of the Symposium arriving at Tolmachevo Airport.Participants are asked to provide their travel schedule.